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The Ankle strap of Pierre Cardin has a three-sided logo printed on it both enhances the aesthetics of the shoe model and enhances the owner's class. Pointed-toe shoes create a feeling for long, slimmer legs. Standard shoe form with a moderate height helps a woman's posture become more flexible, elegant, and elegant in every step. We meticulously send the brand Pierre Cardin with "embossed art" three sides of the shoe. This is a unique point that you can only find from the signature product from Pierre Cardin.

Ankle Strap is a sleeveless shoe that embraces the foot, a designed ankle strap that gives her peace of mind to move. The Ankle Strap is the best choice for office girls who loves a delicate sweet style.

The Pierre Cardin Ankle Strap - PCWFWLB080 is made of high-quality synthetic leather. No more worry about heels lifted or foot pain. A 3D-Pierre Cardin logo engraved on shoes may increase the value of this item.

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