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Double Monk is considered as the witch of transformation. This is a versatile Shoe that has an elegant and classic design. It is suitable for you to be at the workplace, have a meeting or parties, or hang out. This shoe has a standard shape in combination with black or dark colors. Double Monk is easy to mix-match with outfits in any case. You can mix with a suit, a blazer, a shirt, an office pants, or even a break with street-style when matching with jeans or casual T-shirts. Regardless of style, the shoe always satisfies you.

A specific feature of the Double Monk is the collapsible design, in which two metal buckles had been pull across the body of the shoe. Double Monk shoes are made of high-quality calfskin material, a kind of thin and soft leather with high elasticity. Calfskin nowadays considered a luxury material that really valuable.


Sewing technology: Mc Kay

Outer Material: Calfskin

Inner Material: Calfskin

Talon Material: Calfskin 

Soles type: Leather.

Instruction for storage:

- To keep shoes in the best condition, please avoid direct contact with water, avoid dry cleaning and high-temperature effects.
- Highly recommended frequently clean shoes with clean damp cloth. Prioritize the special polish or lotion that lightens, nourishes, and protects the leather surface.

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