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We have to wear leather shoes and thick socks for 8 hours working, this will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a good and comfortable shoe can make your day more active and exciting. Wear a Loafer without shocks will be a great solution for a long working day. Blue Tassel Loafer is a shoe that has a youthful and dynamic design, this gives you a liberal and healthy look. Tassel Loafer has a deep cut in the shoe's neck, this will make your feet feel cooler. In particular, with this high-quality leather shoe, wearing socks is no need.

Blue Tassel Loafer is made of 100% natural calfskin. The skin is thin and soft, which giving you a cool feeling. Talon pads were designed by 3 mm C30 Latex foam, and up to 1.2 mm cowhide top - grain. In combined with the design of the air vent on the talon surface and the insole layer, your feet will be more dry and comfortable. Shoes were sewn by Mc Kay technology, which has a history of nearly 200 years. This process is very complicated, so it is not possible to finish by hand but specialized sewing machines. The sole is made of cowhide and specialized waterproof glue. A high-quality leather shoe as Blue Tassel Loafer can be used for up to 5 years, then only need to alter or change the sole once or twice.


Sewing technology: Cement Injection.

Outer Material: Cowhide (top - grain).

Inner Material: Cowhide (top - grain).

Talon Material: Cowhide (top - grain).

Soles type: Cowhide.

Instruction for storage:

- To keep shoes in the best condition, please avoid direct contact with water, avoid dry cleaning and high-temperature effects.
- Highly recommended frequently clean shoes with clean damp cloth. Prioritize the special polish or lotion that lightens, nourishes, and protects the leather surface.

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